VTC Press Release – October 2020 (please click)


The Forsyth County Veterans Treatment Court (VTC) is a program offered by the court in coordination with veteran services and the criminal justice system. The program is designed to successfully divert veterans from the traditional criminal justice system and to rehabilitate them. The mission of the program is to provide veterans with the tools they need to lead productive, law-abiding lives through treatment, rehabilitative programming, reinforcement, and judicial monitoring.

After the VTC staff identifies an eligible veteran, they assess the veteran’s needs and offer specific assistance to help the veteran manage his or her care. Additionally, the program aims to improve each veteran’s academic and vocational skills while simultaneously assisting with residential, outpatient, and/or transitional services, leading to employment and job retention. The program aims to LEAVE NO VETERAN BEHIND!

For additional information, please contact the VTC Coordinator:

Phillip Weiner
(336) 779-6623
Hall of Justice, Rm. 300

*For case management concerns, please contact the VTC Case Manager:

Michael Broadnax
(336) 779-6471 (office)
(336) 309-3922 (cell)
Hall of Justice, Rm. 300

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