General Information and Instructions

Requests for Jury Service Changes CANNOT be handled by telephone. You may use the electronic form below OR make your request in writing with the provided proof and mail it to:

Chief District Court Judge
C/O Clerk of Superior Court
P.O. Box 20099
Winston-Salem, NC 27120

If sending your request by mail, it must be received by the Chief District Court Judge BEFORE your scheduled appearance date.

To use the electronic request system below, you must submit your request a MINIMUM of TEN (10) working days prior to your appearance date


Jury service is the solemn obligation of all qualified citizens. Excuses from the discharge of this responsibility may be granted only for reasons of compelling personal hardship. Persons qualified to serve must:

  • Reside in Forsyth County
  • Be at least 18 years of age or older
  • Hear and understand the English language
  • Have not served as a juror during the preceding 2 years
  • Be physically and mentally competent

Exemptions, Excuses and Postponements may be granted for the following reasons:

  • People 72 years of age or older
  • NOT a Forsyth County / NC resident
  • Person is Deceased
  • Students enrolled in a learning institution
  • Health/medical reasons (Doctor’s Note MUST be provided)
  • Convicted of a Felony and Voting Rights have NOT been restored
  • Currently on Supervised Probation (Your Parole Officer’s name MUST be provided)
  • Not a United States Citizen

Excuses will be granted ONLY for reasons of compelling personal hardship. Requests for excuses and postponements for jury duty must be made by mail or electronically using the request form below.  Your excuse CANNOT be handled by phone.

Until you receive a response from the Clerk of Court’s Office, you are still required to appear at the Hall of Justice for Jury Duty on the date indicated by your summons if your juror number is called. If you DO NOT receive any response, you are still required to appear for jury service if your juror number is called. Click Here to see called juror numbers.


You must have the following three (3) items and/or capabilities to use this service.

  1. A valid and active email address and a valid phone number by which you may be contacted.
  2. The document you provide as proof for your request must be clear and easily readable. Do not attempt to use this service if your proof is unreadable.
  3. A device capable of producing or creating an electronic version of your provided proof. Acceptable file types are: png, jpg, jpeg, gif, pdf, or docx. Most cell phones or mobile devices will produce a jpg / jpeg file. If you take a picture of your proof with a cell phone or mobile device, you must know how to access it. If you use another device, such as a scanner, you must know how to access the file on your computer. Your proof must be attached to the appropriate request type and reason for your request. All proof must be in the upright position when uploaded. Once the upload beings, DO NOT interfere with or stop the process. No files should exceed 5 mb in size.

Attaching the wrong image, misspelled names or other typographical errors will result in the immediate denial of your request(s) and you will then be required to appear in court on your assigned date and time.

The Forsyth County Clerk’s Office, District Court Judge’s Office Staff, and the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office are unable to answer questions regarding the above items.


By submitting the following form you are requesting to be disqualified or excused from jury service; or to postpone / defer your jury service date.
You understand:

  • All requests must be submitted ten (10) business days prior to your jury service date.
  • If you do not receive an email indicating the status of your request at least 24 hours prior to your assigned jury date, you must comply with the instructions indicated on your jury summons.
  • It is your responsibility to accurately enter all information. Improperly spelling your name or entering the incorrect jury service date may result in the immediate denial of your request.
  • Only one document per request can be attached and uploaded, so be sure the document is submitted, is clear / readable / legible and in the upright position.
  • There is no guarantee your request will be granted.
  • It is your responsibility to monitor your email address for a CONFIRMATION email from the office of Renita Thompkins Linville, Clerk of Superior Court, Forsyth County, 21st District of North Carolina, your request has been approved or denied.
  • Our staff is unable to change any information once it has been submitted. NO EXCEPTIONS. It is your responsibility to ensure ALL INFORMATION IS CORRECT/ACCURATE before submitting your request.
  • All fields with a “*” are required.
  • Any submission with missing or incorrect information will be denied. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Please enter the juror's FULL name
Please indicate the type of request you would like to make. (NOTE: The type of request will determine whether you need to upload and submit proof to our office)
A Doctor's Note is required in order to be excused for health and/or medical reasons. Files must be 5 mb or smaller.
Attach an image of your student identification. Files must be 5 mb or smaller.
If you are a convicted felon, provide the date of your felony.
If you are requesting to be excused because you are on probation, you MUST indicate the name of your Parole Officer.
Provide proof of your deployment. Files must be 5 mb or smaller.
Files must be 5 mb or smaller.
Describe the reason for your postponement / deferral request
reCAPTCHA is required.