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Minor re-adoption by former parent after stepparent adoption

__ Petition for minor adoption (DSS-1800). G.S. 48-6-102. Note: Petitioner’s spouse does not join in petition.

__ Attachments to petition.

__ Consent to adoption by adoptee if 12 years or older (DSS-5169).

__ Consent to adoption by spouse of petitioner (DSS-5165).

__ Consent to adoption by adoptee’s adoptive parent (DSS-5190).

__ Consent to adoption by guardian of minor, if applicable.

__ Consent to adoption by adoptee’s parent who is or was the spouse of the adoptive parent (DSS-5189)

__ Proof of Service of Notice by Petitioner to appropriate persons in G.S. 48-2-401, or certified copies of any written waivers of that notice.

__ Affidavit accounting for any payments or disbursements made or agreed to be made by petitioner in connection with adoption. (DSS-5191) Must include amount of each payment or disbursement and name and address of each recipient. Must be filed at least 10 days before entry of final decree. G.S. 48-2-602; 48-2-603(9); 48-10-103.

__ Order for the Report to Court (DSS-1807) Report to Court (DSS-1808)

__ Pre-Placement Assessment Final decree of adoption (DSS-1814)

__ Report to Vital Records (DSS-1815).