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Adult is defined by G.S. 48-1-101(3) as an individual who is 18 years of age, or if under the age of 18, is either married or has been emancipated under applicable State law.

__ Petition for adult adoption (DSS-5163). G.S. 48-6-102. Note: Petitioner’s spouse does not join in petition.

__ Attachments to petition.

__ Consent to adoption by adult adoptee (DSS-5169).

__ Consent to adoption by spouse of petitioner, if applicable (DSS-5165).

__ If applicable, consent to adoption by guardian of incompetent adult adoptee. G.S. 48-5-103. Also need investigation by court appointed GAL other than guardian.

__ Proof of Service of Notice by Petitioner to appropriate person in G.S. 48-2-401, including any adult children of prospective adoptive parent and any parent, spouse or adult child of adoptee listed in petition to adopt, or certified copies of any written waivers of that notice.

NOTE: For cause, the requirement of notice to the adoptee’s parent may be waived.

__ Affidavit accounting for any payments or disbursements made or agreed to be made by petitioner in connection with adoption. (DSS-5191) Must include amount of each payment or disbursement and name and
address of each recipient. Must be filed at least 10 days before entry
of final decree. G.S. 48-2-602; 48-2-603(9); 48-10-103.

__ Final decree of adoption (DSS-5166) 48-2-605 provides that the prospective adoptive parent and the adoptee shall both appear in person unless the court for cause waives this requirement, in which case an appearance for either or both may be made by an attorney authorized in writing to make an appearance. At least 30 days shall have elapsed from the filing of the adoption petition unless waived by the clerk, but notice of the petition must have been served on all required persons.

__ Report to Vital Records (DSS-5167).