Where to Report

If you are summoned for jury duty AND your number has been called, you will need to report to the Forsyth County Hall of Justice, located at 200 North Main Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27101, at the date and time specified on the website or phone recording. Once at the Hall of Justice, jurors should report to the Jury Pool Room located in Room 432 on the Fourth Floor. A physical copy of your Jury Summons is required (Click Here to reprint your summons).

To see if your number has been called, view our Called Jurors page.

Directions and Parking

For directions and parking, please visit our Directions and Parking page.

General Policies

Children/Infants – Child Care and Nursing Facilities are not currently available in the Hall of Justice. You will need to make your own arrangements for child care or make a request for Excusal or Deferment of your Jury Service.

Dress Code – Business Casual Dress is recommended for Jury Service. Remember that Jury Service is an important civic duty and that the Court should be a highly respected institution.

Electronic Devices – Personal electronic devices, such as smart phones, cell phones, laptops, and tablets are permitted in the Hall of Justice and inside the Jury Pool Room; however, their use is prohibited inside courtrooms. If a court bailiff determines that an electronic device is being used in the courtroom they can and will confiscate the device without warning.

Food and Drink – Food and drink are permitted in the Hall of Justice and Jury Pool Room. You may bring food from home or from a nearby restaurant. Vending machines, drink machines, and a microwave are available in a canteen area within the Jury Pool Room.


All members of the public are screened by security upon entering the building, including Jurors. Please visit our Courthouse Security page for detailed information about the Hall of Justice’s security policies.