If you are interested in acquiring a mailbox in Room 270, Second Floor, Forsyth County Hall of Justice, next to the Estates Division, you must be a member of the Forsyth County Bar Association and have an office in Forsyth County. If so, you may contact the Superior Court Judges’ Office for more information by using the following form.

Please note that the Superior Court Judges’ Office requires that all requests for a mailbox be submitted on the letterhead of the law office or firm with which the requesting attorney is associated. The written request may be mailed to:


Vicky Rogers
Forsyth County Superior Court Judges’ Office
Post Office Box 20099
Winston-Salem North Carolina 27120
Telephone:  336-779-6645
Facsimile:  336-779-6335 
Due to the limited amount of space we request that you notify the Superior Court Judges’ Office immediately if you change locations, offices, firms or simply no longer have a need for an internal mailbox at the Clerk’s Office.