Please be aware that the Clerk’s Office does NOT accept Upset Bids after 4:30 PM. To ensure proper processing and filing all Upset Bids must be filed with the Clerk’s Office by 4:30 PM.

The Forsyth County Clerk’s office has been able to offer free access to foreclosures in Forsyth County as a proof of concept project since September 2012.

The firm which assisted in the development of and is responsible for maintaining the database has spent a significant amount of time and money doing so.

The project has been very successful and saved people (like yourself) many hours by not having to come to the Clerk’s office to research the status of foreclosures. The project has never received any funding (local, state or federal).

Therefore, after careful consideration and much research the firm elected a fee structure, $39.00 per month or $325.00 (a significant discount) for an annual license.

You are encouraged to consider your subscription as a means to fund the project and insure the data remains available online for your convenience. Subscriptions also allow for future updates and improvements to the service.

***Please Note:  Funds from this subscription do NOT go to the Clerk of Court’s Office.  This database is run by a third party and all proceeds go to this third party vendor.***

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To those of you who have already purchased a subscription – THANK YOU for YOUR SUPPORT!