To be considered for DRTC, a referral must be submitted to the DRTC Coordinator. After the referral is received, an assessment will be arranged and treatment will be recommended. Assuming the defendant engages in treatment, the DRTC will then decide to accept or deny them into the program based off the factors below.

*Note: Attorneys should get the referral form to the DRTC Coordinator prior to the defendants scheduled court date.

To be eligible for the DRTC, one must:

  • Be eligible for a probationary sentence
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Not be on the sex offender registry
  • Must reside in Forsyth County

Other factors will be strongly considered, such as:

  • Whether the defendant has/is willing to get stable housing, including shelters
  • Whether the defendant has unresolved cases in other counties that may result in active time
  • The defendant’s commitment to recovery from addiction
  • Drug dealers who are not dealing to use will not be considered
  • Defendants will not likely be accepted if their primary and/or only substance use issue is marijuana

If the defendant’s case is rejected from the DRTC it will remain in the court of origin with their original legal representation.