Below you will find the dockets for upcoming sessions of Criminal District Courts. Any person who appears on a docket for the first time can check in online and make a request for a public defender or inform the courts that they intend to hire their own attorney.  The form to check in online can be found HERE.  Once you have completed the online check in form you will receive further updates from the Forsyth County Public Defender’s Office.

Any person who appears on the docket who is represented by an attorney should contact their lawyer prior to their court date to confirm whether they will have to be in court. If the attorney has any questions about whether their client needs to appear in court they should refer to the trial lists found on this page and should also contact the prosecutor assigned to the particular courtroom.  Prosecutor assignments can be found HERE.

If you are representing yourself, you will need to appear on your court date.  You can check your court date HERE.

Trial Lists:

DWI Trial Lists

Courtroom 3C Trial Lists



Courtroom 1A

Courtroom 1C

Prelim – Courtroom 3A