Opioid addiction is a chronic, relapsing brain disease that affects people psychologically and physically. Effective treatment programs often focus on both aspects of addiction through counseling and medication.

VIVITROL is a non-addictive, once-monthly treatment proven to prevent relapse in opioid dependent patients when used with counseling following detoxification. VIVITROL blocks opioid receptors in the brain while you work with the psychological aspects of counseling.

This is a voluntary Program, which includes:

* Regular weekly case management
* Probation visit with your Probation Office
* Regular drug testing
* Weekly counseling sessions
* Monthly Vivitrol injections

Treatment programs include detox, residential, and outpatient counseling to support and treat the psychological aspects of addiction.

* Upon the successful completion of the requirements
of the Forsyth County DATA program, the Office of
the District Attorney agrees to either take a voluntary
dismissal of the stated charged, or reduce offense.

Admission Criteria
* Forsyth County, NC Resident
* No pending Felony charges out of County
* No pending out of State charges
* No Sex Offenders
* No Firearm Offenses

For more information, please contact:

Your Attorney and if you do not have an Attorney, please send note of interest to the
District Attorney (DA) through inmate mail.