Effective as of July 1, 2013.

House Bill 343, Session Law (S.L.) 2013-2252 has been enacted and makes the following changes to the civil, special proceedings and estate court cost statutes:

Third Party Complaints Like counterclaims and cross-claims, third party complaints are now subject to the full civil filing fee for district or superior court.

Motions to Claim Exemptions Debtors no longer have to pay the $20 motion fee to claim exemptions in any civil, special proceeding, or estate matter. Even if the debtor is not indigent, they are not required to pay the motion fee to file a motion to designate exemptions.

Counties and Municipalities to Advance Court Costs and Fees Counties and municipalities must pay all costs and fees due at the time of filing. However, the clerk of superior court may consent to allow the county or municipality up to 45 days to pay all costs and fees due in lieu of paying at the time of filing. If within 90 days after the date of filing the county or municipality does not pay all costs and fees due then the clerk shall withhold facilities fees due the county or municipality until the total amount due is paid in full. For assistance on how to withhold facilities fees, contact your Financial Management Analyst.

IV-D Child Support Agencies do not have to pay the motion fee or the alias and pluries fee. However, any other party in an IV-D action does have to pay the motion fee; the exemption from the motion fee for IV-D cases only applies to the IV-D agency itself. Since IV-D agencies are not required to pay the motion fee and alias and pluries fee at all, these fees should not be included in any delayed billing arrangement your office makes with the county.

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Alias & Pluries$15.00
District Court Division$150.00
District Court Counterclaim/Cross Claim/Third Party$150.00

- Resumption of Maiden Name

Extension (revised July 1, 2013)no charge
Forsyth County Sheriff's (document service/per defendant)$30.00
Magistrate/Small Claims Court$96.00
Notice of hearing/Calendar Request (effective July, 2013)$20.00
Notice of Claim a Lien (first page)

- each additional page

$. 25
Special Proceedings$120.00
Superior Court Division$200.00
Superior Court Counterclaim/Cross Claim/Third Party$200.00
Supplemental Fee$30.00
Transcribe Fee$10.00
Transfer Fee(s)
- Small Claims to Civil District Court

- Civil District Court to Civil Superior Court


Writ of Execution$25.00

Credit Card Processing Fees

***There is a Credit Card Transaction Limit of $1000***