**Please note this information is for anyone 16 years of age and older only.

As provided for in the N.C.G.S. Chapter 101, click N.C.G.S.Chapter 101-2 to review procedures for changing name. An individual, for good cause shown, may change his or her name by filing an application before the Clerk of Superior Court of the county in which they reside.

State Law prohibits the Clerk’s Office staff from providing any legal advice, providing instructions for completing forms, referring an attorney, or recommending specific ways to pursue legal action.

Documents – Required

In order to obtain a name change, the following seven (7) documents (in order) are required. Please be advised that the Clerk will retain all documentation submitted.

  1. Notice of name change
  2. Certified Petition for Legal Name Change
  3. Sworn Statement
  4. Affidavits of character– Two (2) from people who live in the same county as you.
  5. Certified True Copy of Birth Certificate
  6. Records Check – Fingerprint Cards
  7. Order for Adult Name Change
Documents – Required Contents

These forms must be typewritten or neatly printed in black ink.

  1. Notice of Name Change – (two copies)
    • Before filing an application for name change with the Clerk of Superior Court’s office, the applicant must give a NOTICEof the application. A name change Notice must be posted at the designated location in the courthouse in the county where the applicant resides for ten (10) consecutive days before applying for a name change. In Forsyth County, the bulletin board is located in the hall outside room 243. You are required to take the Notice to the Clerk of Court’s Office (room 243) to have it time stamped before posting. Keep a copy of the time stamped Notice for your files.
  1. Certified Petition for Legal Name Change must be signed in the presence of a Notary with their seal affixed to it. The Petition for Legal Name Change must contain the following information:
    • True Name
    • County of birth
    • Date of birth
    • Parents full name as shown on the birth certificate
    • Name applicant seeks to adopt
    • Reason for desiring name change
    • Has your name been changed before? If so, provide details.

For additional information regarding contents of the petition, click here.

The Clerk will approve your Petition for name change only if convinced that good and sufficient reason exist for the change. You cannot change your name to avoid creditors, avoid criminal charges or civil lawsuits.

If your name has been changed before, you will have to provide an explanation of that change in your petition. N.C.G.S. § 101-6 provides for only one name change under this statute, however, you will be permitted to resume your former name upon compliance with the name change requirements and procedures.

For additional information regarding § 101‑4, click here. Effect of change; only one change, except as provided click here.

  1. Sworn Statement
    • The applicant is required to file a notarized sworn statement showing the following:
      • Applicant is a bona fide resident of and domiciled in the county where the name change is sought; and
      • Whether or not the applicant has outstanding tax or child support obligations.
  1. Affidavits of character– Two (2) from people who live in the same county as you. Must must be notarized prior to filing at the Clerk of Court.
    • If applicant is 16 years of age or older, proof of good character is required to be filed.
    • An affidavit giving proof of the applicant’s good character must be made by at least two (2) citizens of the county not related by blood or marriage who know the applicant.
    • For additional information regarding N.C.G.S. Statute § 101‑1 through 101-8, click here.
  1. Birth Certificate
    • A certified copy of your Birth Certificate
    • If you have a foreign birth certificate that is not written in English, you may also use United States Citizenship papers or a valid Passport in lieu of a birth certificate.
  1. Records Check
  1. Order for Adult Name Change
    • The order must contain the following:
      • Applicant’s true name
      • Applicant’s county of birth
      • Applicant’s date of birth
      • Applicant’s parents full name as shown on birth certificate
      • Name sought to be adopted by applicant
      • Summary of the forms reviewed by the clerk in connection with the application.

Filing Fee: $120.00

It is highly recommended that you contact an attorney to prepare these documents.

All hearings are by Appointment only.  After the 10-day posting and all required documents are in order, please contact Hollye Robinson or Karen Bumgardner at 336-779-6327 to schedule an appointment.  Please allow one (1) hour for the hearing.   Location:  Rm. 243, 2nd floor of the Hall of Justice.